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We would like to be able to perform our own work hour calculations using the logs obtained via the API, but we are missing information. Is there any possibility to get employee schedules and shifts via API? And put to ask, would it be possible an API that returns the list of employees? thank you

Hi Juan

The APIs are mostly to be used to communicate the devices with your own software… I believe you would have to creare shifts and scheduling on your own application, collecting the users records by API.

Unless you intend to use our CrossChex Cloud webhooks, with this tool, you can use our software interface (with shifts and scheduling systems already created),and feed your database with users and records.

Here is a topic about the webhooks:

Here about the cloud APIs:

Here the Standard SDK:


ok, thanks for the answer

Hi there.
Is there any list with the available api commands / requests / header[nameSpace] / header[nameAction] ?
Using json content and curl in php:
I managed to send a request and get a response for the authorize token.
I managed then to send the request and get the (empty) response for the namespace attendance.record as in the example.

Is there anything else we can do with the api? Get any other information or even set? (e.g. add new employee using our application)

Thanks in advance!!

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HI @kostas

You can check the document in the CrossChex Cloud