How to set up breaks?

Hi, how we can integrate set up breaks in crosscheck cloud?
if worker double scan, then IN will overwrite.
how can we set 30 min. break for example to log in and out during shift?

Hi @ary_dary

We have a few tutorials on the CrossChex Cloud page Summary

Here I separate the one we explain Breaks in details

If you have any further questions let me know :smiley:

Hi, thanks for reply.

ok we set up now.

they have to scan on the hardware check in, break in, break out and after work again scan for check out? it works automatically or they have to make something to make a difference between check in or break start etc.?
thanks again.

Hi @ary_dary

It works automatically, the system will understand their attendance, is not necessary to change anything from the employee side :smiley:

so they will scan the break start and break end like check in and check out?
so in total each employee will scan 4 times a day then, correct without doing anything else?

thanks again.

@ary_dary totally correct! Thats it

does not work. it overwrites the check out.

You must set the break range accordingly… If the break punch is outside this range, then the system will understand ad a check out.

Please follow this tutorial, it is very detailed and with examples: