How to synchronize the time attendance data to the third-party systems?

Ok . Lets see… There are a lot of problems with your platform
I am trying to fill the required fields url && password.

After editing & refresh page

So … These credentials are not stored at all??

On api’s page CrossChex Cloud I can see this

First of all both are now empty.
Second . The API Key placeholder saying Server Url!!!
So .Where can I get my API’s credentials…


To avoid conflicts I used the api credentials that I get the first time when you activate my developer mode… After that a you can see the’ re gone!

Please you need to fix these bugs so we can use the api asap…
Thank you

Hi @makis

We already solve the issues, Now the server url can be save. Please reset the webhooks URL and password.

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:grinning: Great!! It’s working! Thank you…

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Hi, could you enable me the Developer Mode tab please? My account is 110000433

Hi @fabiola.gonzalez

My colleague @Felix_Anviz will provide it.


Hi @fabiola.gonzalez

Developer mode enabled for your account :smiley:

Thank you, Leonardo. Replying to confirm that developer tab is now showing in my account :slight_smile:

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Hello, i Need to enable developer mode in my account: 210002350

We’d like to test the developer mode. Our ID is 310001014

I’m really interested to try this solution, please activate Developer Mode on my account, Company ID = 110007022

Hi @demosp

All accounts are already able to activate developer mode directly, please check at SETTINGS > Developer Mode

Let me know if you cannot see it :smiley:

Your sql connection seems down last few days …
This is your api response
“Pool error is Create connection error(Dsn(mysql:dbname=webhooks; can not to connected!) file(/var/www/swoft/vendor/swoft/db/src/Connector/MySqlConnector.php) line (41) file=/var/www/swoft/vendor/swoft/connection-pool/src/AbstractPool.php line=265”

Please I kindly asking you , is there any change to build a more stable api?
Thank you in advance

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HI @makis

Please try again. We already fixed the connection. Thanks for your information.

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Hi! please enable the webhook and the api, Our company id is 110006774. Thank you

@ohayo04.jd you can enable it from your side directly already, at Settings Tab


do i need to enable developer mode on my account
i am trying to use webhooks but it looks like its doesn’t pass varibles

Hi @914aystern

Yes, jus enable it on your account and follow the steps in this tutorial

Let us know if it works

Hi it is already enabled. Sir I need to make the api work but I am not getting any data when I request using the given api key and secret and the endpoint. Could you please assist me step by step because we really need the api to work. Thanks

@Felix_Anviz can you please assist?


@ohayo04.jd Did you have connect with hardware on the cloud system and please provide us the compnay ID we will check the detail for you.

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