How to use API to get the records from the CrossChex Cloud?

Hello, I would like to integrate my payroll with cross chex cloud. company 110004693. @Felix_Anviz @Leonardo_Anviz

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hello @thepayroll !

Well received, my colleague Felix will provide that.


Hello, I would like add crosschex cloud to our payroll system. Thank you. Company ID 310000962. @Felix_Anviz @Leonardo_Anviz

Hi @thepayroll

Developer mode enabled for your account :smiley:

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Hi @davide.carrara

Could you please check if the developer mode was enabled to your account? Request was sent yesterday, probably it is already enabled.

Thanks @Leonardo_Anviz but now I can’t log into my Crosschex system because now when I press “Login” I get a “20000ms timeout exceeded” error. Can they be due to the modifications made?

Ok, now I can access but I don’t see Developer Mode menu in Settings. Thank you

Have you tried refreshing your browser page and the problem persists?

This is my view. No changes

Ok Thanks for sharing, I will work on this today, keep you posted.

Ok @Leonardo_Anviz, now Developer Mode is enabled. Thank you very much for your support

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Hello, I would like to enable API Access and Webhooks. US Server. Email: - Company ID: 110006146
Thank you

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hello. I need to enable developer mode to get api_key and secret on this account:
company_id : 210003014

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@gdelbarco and @erick.gomez

Accounts already enabled :smiley:

We’d like to test the developer mode. Our ID is 310001014

I would like to request the developer mode for my account. Company ID: 310000463.


Hi @inpq and @farmacialameda

Developer mode is already available at CrossChex Clod account directly, we don´t need to request for it anymore.

Please log in at your account, then Settings > Developer mode


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Hi I have use insomia app to test the api if i can get the records. We have already the api key and api secret. But it is not working. Can you give a sample how to fetch the records using php and javascript. thank you very much!!!

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Hello @ohayo04.jd

We have a github page where we show examples, were you able to check that?

Here is the link

Files > GitHub - AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit: Anviz device cloud PHP interface kit

Readme > AnvizCloudKit/ at master · AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit · GitHub

Protocol > AnvizCloudKit/Protocol.php at master · AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit · GitHub

The Cloud demo link is GitHub - AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit: Anviz device cloud PHP interface kit You can get the detail steps to create the cloud system.

And AnvizCloudKit/Protocol.php at master · AnvizJacobs/AnvizCloudKit · GitHub The link include the whole protocol description.

hola buen dia,

Actualmente ya cuento con la clave de API y clave secreta API pero al consumir el servicio para solicitar el token me retorna el error MISS_PARAM

No se si estoy haciendo la peticion mal o me falta configurar algo en la plataforma, el id de la empresa es: 110007295