Manufacturer's declaration.

Manufacturer’s declaration.
In Portugal we need a declaration from the manufacturer to communicate to the National Data Protection Commission.
“However, it must be ensured that only representations of the biometric data (template) are used and that the process does not allow data reversibility (Article 28(6) of Law 58/2019). has in its possession a declaration from the system manufacturer attesting to the existence of these characteristics.”

  • How and where can I obtain this declaration from the manufacturer?

Hi @alazera , Please check the GDPR compliant statement we have. Hope it helps.

Is This statment avaiable in portuguese?

I‘m sorry it’s only in English.

Best regards.

Abel Lazera

Hi Sara.
I have one more problem.
I already install the W1-PRO, and it´s working perfetly. but when have to consult all records from CrossChex Cloud, using ( whem i go to the records, all of them return with one + hour from the original records, registered in the W1-PRO.
The W1-PRO is configured with our time Zone Greenwich, London.
Why does this issue?

Abel Lazera

Could you please share your email address? We will help you submit a trouble ticket and assist you with the problem.


Abel Lazera

The trouble ticket was created.
Our Support Team will contact you within one business day, please pay attention to the mail come from us.
Thank you!

Hi Sara,

How do i attach a file report to see some problems tha i have.
Duplicated records…

Hi sara,

Attached document to Analise duplicated record.


Abel Lazera


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Hi @alazera ,I’ve created a ticket for you. Could you please send the attachment to the ticket #02649?

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