Summary for Anviz Product's Firmware

Hello! I bought a W1 Pro with firmware version 03.26.BR_dark and italian language. I performed a reset and now it is no longer possible to choose the Italian language. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

Hi @ViKtor,

The simpliest way to get the most up to date firmware version is using a trouble ticket.
Please, submit a ticket and the technical support team will help you.

Hi @juzamdjiin

please use this patch, it has italian language (1.0 MB)

upload it as a firmware upgrade


I am looking for the latest Firmware for the divice with
S/n 1740200021460081
F/v 03.74.B1_BT107

can someone help me


I need to update my Anviz C2 Pro-Dual, I can’t find the firmware anywhere

Firmware Ver: 03.A4.C4_dark

SN: 0750100024010016

Hi Johnny.

the frimeware of the ep300 is the same for the ep300 pro, in case not you could send me the zip of the ep300 pro

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-04-25 a las 11.05.33_33cfc385
this is the system info

Dear friend,

The Firmware (03.46.B5) you can upgrade for EP300 pro is linked below, please check.

Dear friend,

You can check below for the firmware(03.A4.CM) you need to upgrade C2 pro.

Plese can i have the latest firmware for anviz w1c pro?

This is my configuration:

thank you in advance

Below is the information for my VF 30 Pro.

Would you please provide an up-to-date Firmware Software for the VF 30 Pro


Dear Viktor,

You can check below for the VF30 pro firmware (03.40.CM).


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Could you please provide a Step-by-step, on how to update the VF30 Pro’s firmware, using this zip provided

Additionaly, the zip is password protected.

Hello, Viktor

Note: You don’t need to unzip the file if it’s a zip. Please upgrade it directly.
For upgrading guidance, please refer to this link:


Hello Sarah,

Thank you for all your assistance, but unfortunately, I use both ways, and it constantly says “Update Failed” via the CrossChex method AND “Network Error” using WebBrowser. Followed the steps you provided, Normal and Forced Updates, but still same error, over and over again.

Please assist