CrossChex Cloud #11 – How to Set Flexible Attendance

Hi there,

Welcome to our eleventh tutorial about the Anviz CrossChex Cloud!

The main objective of this tutorial is to understand how to use the flexible attendance mode. In other words, it´s very used in companies where employees don´t have a fixed shift, they can work in different hours every day, and you will be able to collect their total sum of worked hours in a specific period you choose.

Important: Working in the flexible way will not calculate early, late or break times during the duty period. If you need to collect these data, please check the (Working Shifts Tutorial)

Before proceed with this topic, you´ll need:
• To have created a CrossChex Cloud account as an admin;
• Enroll at least one employee at your account;
• Understand the differences between fixed flexible mode.

We´ve created some guides to help you with those previous steps, feel free to have a look in there and come back later if you´re not ready yet:

CrossChex Cloud #1 - Creating a New Account

CrossChex Cloud #5 - Add a New Employee

CrossChex Cloud #10 – How to Schedule and Assign Working Shifts

Please stay tuned at the next tutorials, we will teach you all the relevant features of Anviz CrossChex Cloud, so you and your team can enjoy the best experience of our Cloud based Time Attendance Solution. Let´s start!

Let´s make an attendance simulation, we´ll selected one of the employees at our account, and generate the records according to the follow structure:

At the Record tab of CrossChex Cloud account, we will be able to see those records and check if they are accordingly. Let´s filter user 5 and the previously mentioned days from our simulation table:

If that´s all the information you need, you can already export it by clicking at Export Timesheets at the top right corner of this page:

This report mode can be used for some third part payroll systems, if that´s not our case, we can move forward to collect a complete report with the total sum of hours by clicking T&A Report at this same page, on the left bar. Make sure to select the correct information for employee and Date Range, then click Search:

Here we have all the details, day by day, for the attendance. Feel free to use the most appropriated report format in the provided options at Export button on the right side.

Since we need a report that collects the total sum of working hours in the flexible mode, let´s use the Monthly Attendance Report:

And here is our report example:

As we can see, this report will display the total hours day by day on the selected period, and the total sum at the OT column.

You can use this report for as many employees as you want, so you´ll be able to have a unique file with all the necessary attendance information.

Important: The flexible mode do not accept overnight duties (example: start working at 10pm night 1st day and stop working 6am next day) neither breaks, so to use it correctly, please make sure there will be only two records per employee each day, from 00:00:01 to 23:59:59 !

Congratulations! You´ve learned how to use the time attendance flexible mode! :smiley:

Keep following our tutorials, on the next tutorials we´ll teach how to set flexible working method to employees, as well as check the different attendance reports we have.

See you there! Enjoy your CrossChex Cloud! :smiley:

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Good day!

We are currently using CrossChex Cloud for our biometrics. We are currently experiencing problems with the schedule of our night shift employees. Their biometrics log does not reflect in their data. How can we solve this?

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Hi @ceedy.osmpilar,

Does the night shift covers 2 days? For example: start at 10:00 PM (22:00) Monday, end at 6:00 AM (06:00) Tuesday.

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Yes, it covers to days, from 11pm - 7am

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Hi @ceedy.osmpilar,

Sorry to say but CrossChex Cloud doesn’t handle actually a shift which covers 2 days.
You can check this topic for further info: CrossChex Cloud - Shift covers 2 days.

I recommend to use CrossChex Standard software which supports this function.

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